The Spammer's Last Word (?)

Here's a fellow who confuses "legal" with "right."
From: "Dave Beightol" <>
To: "Dave Voorhis" <>
Subject: Re: This is a legitimate Offer... 
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 16:07:31 -0500

My last message to you...

I really do not care what you do from this point on... I have consulted a
lawyer who specializes in internet activities... The plain and simple facts
are:  I have broken NO laws... dispite the fact that to 200 TEST letters I
sent are possibly annoying to some. If I wanted to continue to send them
(and I don't) I could...
Granted with people making such a big deal about it (like you) I would have
to move around from ISP to ISP. But that would be my business... Again, I do
not wish to do this...

I am just a person that decided to use a legal program and send some legal
emails to a list of addresses extracted from the net. Just like the other
people who send unsolicited mail to me..

And since I broke no laws within the country I reside, I guess it's just up
to you to accept my apology or not..
Once again, and for the last time I AM SORRY I bothered you and your list...
As for hurting you in any financial way. I can see where a large amount of
"Spam" could cost you in one way or another.. However, I sent out a total of
only 200 emails Of that I am sure only a few could have gone to you and or
your list...

So I say Please "get over it" and save you further bit's of advise for true
My day's (day) of mailing anything to anyone unsolicited are finished.. I
have learned my lesson.
The way I see it, if you are going to make more trouble for me, I might as
well go ahead and continue to send you and everyone else mail.. I mean if
you are going to treat me like a dog, why then should I not continue to

My best recommendation would be to let this tiny little mistake of a couple
hundred test mails die..

As far as you putting up any web site designed to embarrass me or make an
example of me. I ask that you do not.  If this goes to far, I would be
forced to attack you for slander.. And I have been assured that since I
broke no laws with what I did, Slander WOULD be the word for it...

As I said before, as of today, My ISP is dumping me.. Why not just revel in
that...  Granted I will Likely go and find a new one, but I have lost my
deposit and prepaid 3 months of hosting.. So I guess I am paying a financial
price aswell..

Enjoy your life... Good luck with your future in making the world a
"spamless" place for all...
I'll let ya know when I stop getting it on a daily basis...
Beyond that, this is the last you will hear from me...
Feel free to send your response...

Dave Beightol

Gee, I wonder what I have to say about that... Hit "Next," please.


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