The Last, Last Word (?)

Yes, I do always have to have the last word...
To: "Dave Beightol" <>
From: Dave Voorhis <>
Subject: Re: This is a legitimate Offer... 

At 04:07 PM 1/23/98 -0500, you wrote:

>I really do not care what you do from this point on... I have consulted a
>lawyer who specializes in internet activities... The plain and simple facts
>are:  I have broken NO laws...

That is true.  Nor have I claimed you have broken laws.  I claim only
that you have caused me, and others, to incur costs for which we seek

As for not being against the law, that may change.  See

>I am just a person that decided to use a legal program and send some legal
>emails to a list of addresses extracted from the net. Just like the other
>people who send unsolicited mail to me..

And does merely being LEGAL make it right?  What about the fact that
it's costing everyone but you?

>As for hurting you in any financial way. I can see where a large amount of
>"Spam" could cost you in one way or another.. However, I sent out a total of
>only 200 emails Of that I am sure only a few could have gone to you and or
>your list...

True, you did not cost me in any appreciable way.  This is not merely
about you and your 200 emails.  This is about spamming in general, and
THAT does cost me.  Each individual spam costs little, but the whole
process costs a lot.  Therefore, I can only reduce that cost one
little bit at a time.

>So I say Please "get over it" and save you further bit's of advise for true

I fully intend to.

>The way I see it, if you are going to make more trouble for me, I might as
>well go ahead and continue to send you and everyone else mail.. I mean if
>you are going to treat me like a dog, why then should I not continue to

I'm treating you like a dog?  Excuse me?  As I see it, we're having a
discussion here.

And it strikes me that your argument is a little like saying, "If I'm
going to be sent to jail, I might as well keep comitting crimes..."

>As far as you putting up any web site designed to embarrass me or make an
>example of me. I ask that you do not. 

I am not trying to embarrass you.  I am, however, indeed making an
example of you.  You are a perfect illustration of why spam is bad.
You discovered the problems for yourself, you didn't profit from it,
and you aren't going to do it again.  Don't you wish you had seen a
Web page from someone like me BEFORE you sent your spam?

> If this goes to far, I would be
>forced to attack you for slander.. And I have been assured that since I
>broke no laws with what I did, Slander WOULD be the word for it...

Slander is verbal defamation.  To defame you, I would have to attack
your reputation in an untruthful manner.  In our conversations, have
I, in any way, said anything untruthful about you that would hurt your

>As I said before, as of today, My ISP is dumping me.. Why not just revel in

This isn't a question of revelling or not.  I seek to educate.

>Enjoy your life... Good luck with your future in making the world a
>"spamless" place for all...

That is not my intent per se.  My intent is that the people who cost
me, pay me.  As a businessperson like myself, don't you try to do the


(for now...)


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