The Spamster Caves!

So this is what happens to people who never learn to spell...
From: "Dave & Karen Beightol" <>
To: "Dave Voorhis" <>
Subject: Re: This is a legitimate Offer... 
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 19:38:28 -0500

Hello again,

I must say I was at my most aggrivated point in years, when I recieved your
first email.
I apologize for the harsh words...

I am a very legit businessman. I truely DID research before I sent the test
I really thought I was doing the right thing in the way in which I formated
the letter..

In the last couple hours, I have lost my entire domain, Virtual server,
email accounts, except for one temporarily... My online life (that I value
deeply) is suddenly over.. All because I sent out 100 test messages
with a program I bought that was suppose to keep me in the clear..

As far as your invoice goes, I guess I could file the same charges too.. As
I have not soliceted your services..
I made a mistake... I did not mean any harm to anyone... Now I am
finished... That should be enough to make you happy..

As far as Karen goes, leave her out of it.. She is my wife and was hard at
work trying to pay the bills during this whole deal...

I get direct unsolicited email all the time... Some of them I find to be
worth reading, some I trash..
This is suppose to be a free country. I really thought it was OK to send A
legit offer..
I guess I was wrong..


Please let this issue die
I have suffered enough for my simple miniscule mistake..

Dave Beightol

You think I could resist a parting shot? Hell no, you know me better than that...


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