Dave Flames a Spamster!

Ah, the sweet warmth of fire...
To: "Dave & Karen Beightol" <beightol@thepoint.net>
From: Dave Voorhis <sysadmin@armchair.mb.ca>
Subject: Re: This is a legitimate Offer...

At 06:49 PM 1/21/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Cute idea... Hoser....  Fuck off

"Hoser..."  "Fuck off..."  My, you are incredibly articulate, aren't
you?  Do you have ANY idea what you've ignited by spamming the 'net,
and by spamming the mailing lists at my site?  Are you really THAT

Karen Beightol must be your sister, Dave, because last time I checked,
they weren't allowing mental defectives to marry.

By the way, I am 100% serious about the invoice.  If you don't pay, I
_will_ be forwarding your account to a collection agency, and I will
request that everyone on my spammed mailing lists invoice you.  Can
your credit rating really take the hit?

Keep going, 'cause Spamboy actually dared to reply.


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