The Wall is a Web page which you help create. I've provided a means for you to add to this page, but you can't delete anything (though I might delete something if somebody does something really, REALLY foul, or enters something that makes the page completely inaccessible, etc.)

This is an experiment. What it's actually attempting to determine, I haven't decided yet. It matters not. I suppose somebody could come up with some artsy nonsense about how it represents the free-flowing essence of the collective Web consciousness and reflects a truly interactive contextual textured visualization of somethingorother, but I HATE that sort of babble...

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    The Wall was created by Dave Voorhis, This index page and any associated scripts and mechanisms are copyright © 1995 Dave Voorhis, All Rights Reserved. The Wall itself is copyrighted by the individual contributors. Dave Voorhis and Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. are not even remotely responsible for anything on The Wall.

    Hey! This beastie is now available for download free as LinkWare! Go here for details!