---- The Wall ----

This software is LINKWARE (tm). Therefore, you MUST provide a link to the Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. home page in order to use this software. For further information, see the README.TXT file in the LINK directory of the software distribution.

This software is Version 0.01 Alpha. Expect it to break! Test it thoroughly with as many users and conditions as possible BEFORE using it in production!


The Wall consists of HTML files and a CGI script for creating and maintaining a Web blackboard. See http://www.armchair.mb.ca/~dave/wall for an example of this beastie in action.

If you have questions regarding The Wall, please email dave@armchair.mb.ca.

You must agree to the following terms in order to use this software.


System Requirements

You must have a Windows NT or Windows 95 based Web server which provides a CGI interface. This software has been tested with the Microsoft Information Server under Windows NT, and Microsoft FrontPage under Windows 95. It should theoretically work with any 32bit Microsoft Windows based Web server which supports a CGI interface.

A version for Linux is also available on request.

Installing The Wall

  1. Download this 54892 byte .ZIP distribution file.

  2. Unzip the distribution file into a temporary directory. Make sure you have the options for creating subdirectories and supporting long file names enabled.

  3. Read the README.HTML file included in the distribution.