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from the pit of Dave.


By Dave Voorhis


WARNING: Some of the following tales and vignettes are UNSPEAKABLY VILE. If you are under 21 years of age, or if you have a weak constitution or don't REALLY ENJOY graphic scenes of VULGARITY, BRUTALITY, EXPLICIT PORNOGRAPHY and GENERALLY DISEASED ILLITERATURE, then GO AWAY NOW because you shouldn't be here. DON'T EVEN BEGIN to be curious, because I MEAN IT. This stuff is sick.

So don't say I didn't warn you...




  • Interview 23
  • Walkabout
  • I have removed the link to the story that used to be here. In the Web culture and broader societal attitudes that prevailed at the time in which it was written, I think it made a point. Under current contexts, I'm not sure it makes the same point.
  • Spudboy and Gug and Me
  • Sanitation


    For the following MIDI files, a Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE32, AWE64, or equivalent, is strongly recommended. Other sound cards may sound ridiculous, as I am fond of using instruments outside of their normal range as an effect. Some sound cards deal better with this than others.


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