My Reply to The Initial Spam

A "whois" easily determined this guy's email addy, as registered with InterNIC. If it's a legitimate addy, that's sometimes the shortest path to a spamster, once his real domain is located.

I sent him this:

To: beightol@THEPOINT.NET
Subject: Re: This is a legitimate Offer... 

At 04:03 PM 1/21/98 -0500, you wrote:

>This is simply direct E-mail marketing.

"Direct E-mail marketing" is, by definition, spam.

Thank you for sending me this spam for review.  As you know, I review
spam messages for content, structure, cleverness, and effectiveness.

Your message rates 3.58 (out of 5) on the "Dave's Spam Review Services


I am sure you are aware that there is a small fee for this service, so
I am enclosing an invoice for $50.00US.  The terms on the invoice are
net 30 days.  Failure to pay will result in our forwarding your
account to a collection agency.  Should that fail, we will file a
complaint with the small-claims court in your area.  Since this will
no doubt tie up your legal staff far more than the claim is worth, we
recommend that you pay promptly.



Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc.                    Date: Jan 21, 1998
#4 -- 723 Rosser Avenue                                     Invoice no.: 13876
Brandon, Manitoba  R7A 0K8                                  Terms: Net 30
Attn: D. M. Voorhis

Bill to:
          3721 Bardstown rd. # 307  
          Louisville, Ky. 40218

Quantity Description                                            Price   Extended
-------- ------------------------------------------------------ ------- -------
1        Spam message review and rating                         $50.00   $50.00

                                                        subtotal......   $50.00
                                                        PST...........   $ 0.00
                                                        GST...........   $ 0.00
                                Total due this invoice................   $50.00

Note: Canadian residents add 7% GST, Manitoba residents add 7% PST.

                                      Thank you! 


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