I own three Oldsmobile Toronados. This is the best one:

It's a 1967 Deluxe, with air, power windows, automatic, power trunk latch, power brakes with front disk, and a 425ci 385hp V8 engine. I bought it in Connecticut in the early 80's and drove it home 2000 miles. Though it has close to 140,000 miles on the odometer, it has never had or required any major repairs (the worst I've had to deal with is replacing the air conditioning compressor clutch twice) and I have no qualms about driving it long distances.

The other two Toros are another '67, which is a parts car, and a '66 which is unrestored and stashed away in a rental garage across town. I've been trying to give it away to someone who'll treat 'er right and restore 'er, and I finally found someone. A dude from somewhere in the Deep South of the U.S. of A. is coming up this July (1999) to get it, in trade for some Toro parts.

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1959 Peugeot

This one has been in the family since the early 60's. Now it's mine. The engine is seized. Everything is rusted. This is it being brought home, towed by my truck:

1985 Corvette

Hoooooo, YEAH! It doesn't get much better than this:

Click on the picture to see a bigger picture, and act REVERENT, okay? It has the 350 cu. in. V8 with TPI fuel injection, 4+3 manual transmission, oil cooler, auxiliary cooling fan, Bose stereo, and power leather seats.

It's a restoration project. I've replaced the rear wheel bearings, the interior light timer, the hood and hatch struts, spark plugs and wires, and the distributor cap and rotor. The interior had been treated to loathesome aftermarket wood trim, which I removed. The wood trim installation left holes and scuffs on assorted interior pieces -- most of which I replaced -- but unfortunately I can't find a replacement console shifter trim plate. If you have or can obtain a shifter console plate that'll fit a late '85 Corvette, with power seat graphics, 4+3 tranny, and shifter-mounted overdrive switch, please let me know.

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